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Air-to-air curtains

Air-to-air curtains are industrial type and are used to protect the open gate openings from getting cold air from the street.

Channel equipment

Due to the most modern equipment company Ventservis produces high-quality circular and rectangular ducts (pipes), fittings, stainless steel, mounting the tire and the ventilation profile. With our products you can quickly and economically to mount a strong and sealed ventilation system.

Control units with ventilation systems

Control blocks are used to control ventilation systems have been developed on the basis of industrial programmable controller manufactured by "Segnetics".

Overhead supply and exhaust installation

Suspended air handling units are ideal for ventilation and air conditioning office and commercial facilities, restaurants and other facilities. Due to its compact size and easy mounting, ideal for placing in false ceilings.

High performance equipment

A series of equipment for ventilation and air conditioning systems with high performance - from 1000 to 100000 m3/hr m3/hr. The equipment has high thermal and sound insulation and has high corrosion and fire resistance.

Supply and exhaust energy-saving installation

Supply and installation of exhaust - a new generation of ventilation equipment.Application of the latest innovative technologies, intelligent control systems and custom solutions development - the three components of the uniqueness of this equipment.