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Supply and exhaust energy-saving installation

Supply and installation of exhaust - a new generation of ventilation equipment.Application of the latest innovative technologies, intelligent control systems and custom solutions development - the three components of the uniqueness of this equipment. 

Application of the EU - the fan supply and exhaust unit provides reduced maintenance costs motor 2-8 times through the use of electron-Dial (EU) engine with an efficiency of 90%. In addition: 
specified temperature parameters are maintained with an accuracy of + / -5 C, at the expense of smooth adjustment of the impeller speed in the range from 0 to 100%; 
the absence of inrush currents saves wiring costs and launching equipment; 
protection system prevents the locked rotor motor, electric and thermal overload; 
electronic switching motor requires no inverter and sine filter, which minimizes the noise level; 
fan is dynamically balanced and the total weight is evenly distributed on both bearings, which eliminates vibration and reduce noise. 
Installation requires no start-up operations - and before you use it enough to connect to the mains. Processor, and all controls are already installed and ready to go. See the user can change the mode of installation, with display the current settings: 
supply air, exhaust air flow; 
outside air temperature, room temperature; 
the temperature of exhaust air before the heat exchanger; 
supply air temperature for the heat exchanger; 
efficiency of the regeneration exhaust air 
The control system installation integrated software BMS (Building Managment System), which allows you to manage climate from all over the globe. 
Elements of the installations, both basic and optional, are protected by algorithms, which disable the alarm units or the entire system does not allow appearance of the lesions and false positives.